Global Pharmed is the place where international pharmaceutical business converges. We have a regional distribution network that guarantees a very important commercial showcase for your product. Likewise, we are always performing searches on the world market in order to import drugs, raw materials and medical devices of the best quality and technology. Our mission will always be to offer an innovative product with the optimum quality to improve the health and quality of life of the human being, without breaking the harmony with our environment and without neglecting our social responsibility.


We are a qualified group oriented to provide medical solutions in a conscious and responsible way. Our objective is to improve the health and life quality of people in harmony with the economic growth of our business.


Be recognized as a company in constant growth, committed to search for alternatives of responsible health and accessible to the market of public institutions (tenders) and private institutions.


• Respect

• Honesty

• Discipline

• Teamwork

• Pro Activity

• Commitment

• Communication



Expert company in the Import and Commercialization of food, cosmetics, personal hygiene products natural products medicines, implements Medical devices and Equipment for the Private market.

We offer different alternatives designed to meet the most demanding needs of Costa Ricans regarding health, cosmetics and personal hygiene. Looking for Constant growth throught innovation and of excellence in service.

To be recognized as a strategic partner in the representation and development of international brands that give value to our clients. 


Expert company in the import and commercialization of medical implements.

To collaborate with the appropriate treatment, rehabilitation of diseases and ailments by means of medical implements That are safe and efficient allowing optimal Functioning of the government health centers.

To be distinguished as a leading company at a national level in the innovation, representation, import and commercialization of medical implements of prestigious international.


Expert company in the import and commercialization of medicines.

Offer effective and effecient medications for treatment and prevention of the several diseases and ailments treated in government institutions, consequently improving the quality of life of patients.

To establish ourselves as a strategic partner in the supply Medicines for government institutions, both national and international, growing under a philosophy of innovation and openness to change.

We decided to support a very vulnerable population with major deficiencies: children with cardiac conditions close to surgical intervention or already intervened. Attached to our slogan of solidarity, we act through the “Fundación Comunidad Amor”, with economic, administrative and logistical contributions to bring a better quality of life to such children. Our intention is to grow and project ourselves to have a greater reach. Touch the doors of all those commercial sponsors that can join our cause and give their support in all areas. As long as we can see the smiles on those innocent little faces, our work will always be well rewarded and one more goal of this community of love will be fulfilled.